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Douce Delight

22 August 2023

Douce is very much a family concern - each member of the Benton family is involved in different aspects of this lifestyle brand. Founded by Phil Benton in 2015, when they started out in a 1960 Airstreams, offering high quality hair salon treatments in an innovative environment.  


Fitzbillies Fly with Funding

19 July 2023

Mention the name Fitzbillies to anyone living in Cambridge or who has studied at the University and you will be greeted with smiles of fond recognition and praise for their iconic ultra-sticky Chelsea Buns. The company has been in the city for over 100 years and now has a café, a coffee shop, a second branch and an artisan bakery. 

GaN lab

Cambridge GaN Devices are Bringing More Sustainable Power to the Global Market and Creating Jobs

19 June 2023

Cambridge GaN Devices was established, according to Founder and CEO, Dr Giorgia Longobardi, “To bring to market a material and a power device that is much more sustainable whilst preserving nature, which is one of the most valuable things we have. We want to bring this innovation into everyday lives for a more sustainable future.” Dr Giorgia Longobardi, Founder and CEO.

Funding for Flexilabels

19 June 2023

With a commercial background in computer sciences and a Masters degree in Website Design & Development, Assad Gilani worked for about 5 years, for a toner refurbishment and then an insurance company as web developer after he moved from Pakistan to the United Kingdom in 2006.


Cyber Security 101: Top Tips for Keeping Secure

8 June 2023

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it is vital that you are aware of the most common tactics cyber criminals are using, and at least have the baseline measures in place to help detect and prevent them. 

Dr Jana Voigt

Cambridge Tech Company Gets the Edge on AI

7 June 2023

It’s been a year since InferSens raised its initial investment round and first joined the Growth Works community. Bev Hurley, Strategic Lead for Growth Works caught up with Dr Jana Voigt, CEO of the Cambridge-based Edge AI sensor technology company, to find out what’s been happening since. 

Out and About Across the Region

10 March 2023
3 Mins Read

The Growth Works team have been busy attending and throwing events across the region!

Value Proposition

Value Propositions – The Sales Perspective

9 February 2023
5 Mins Read

A Value Proposition is a carefully crafted statement articulating how your products/services solves your prospects’ problems or improves their situation; what value your products offer in terms of specific benefits and quantified value, and why your prospects should buy from you, not your competitors. 

Glass Ceiling

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

9 February 2023
5 Mins Read

Sally Baker, co-founder of Wondrous, the branding, creative and digital marketing agency, talks to Growth Works about the challenges she faced in taking her business through growth phases and gives her tips for how she overcame them to achieve their growth trajectory.

IP Tips

Top 5 IP Tips for SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Scale-ups

19 January 2023
2 Mins Read

Dr Rachel Daniel is a is an IP Specialist at IP21, which takes a holistic consultative approach to IP advice to ensure that strategic planning, rights registration, portfolio management and enforcement are always aligned with ultimate commercial objectives, and it utilises its long heritage of successful practice in this field and its culture of continuous improvement to deliver best practice IP services.


Going Digital: What Does it Mean and How Can it Help Your Business Grow?

19 January 2023
4 Mins Read

In this blog, we aim to demystify what ‘digital’ actually covers, and provide some easy ways for you to add digital skills and resources to your business. Many of the ways to do this are absolutely free, just requiring some of your time.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Best Kept Secret

13 December 2022
3 Mins Read

Babita Devi spills secrets after working with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs on what could be stopping your business growth.

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