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The Power of Partners

Written by Growth Works

In 2000, Tony Conte founded Brave Agency from his home garage, with the company moving on to survive and thrive straight through the bubble in that year, even experiencing economic recessions, whilst pivoting along the way and adopting a passion for all things digital. 23 years later, and whilst many agencies have come and gone, Brave now employs 25 staff with specialists in Marketing, Design and Web Development. As of the start of 2023, a new face joined the company as Strategic Marketing Director. Mark Leech is responsible for ensuring the company moves forward and continues its trajectory as a key player in the growth performance agency space, helping companies scale beyond their business objectives in an ever-changing digital landscape This will ensure Brave continues delivering amazing work across its client portfolio and aligning with the commercial needs and objectives of their clients. 


Mark’s high-growth agency background and experience will bring a next level of commercial strategy the Brave and drive revenue and growth within the business. The company HQ is in Peterborough and whilst its client base covers three core regions such as; the whole of Cambridgeshire, London and Northampton, they also boast international clients in South Africa, Sweden, Germany and Israel to name but a few but are keen to continue exporting their services.


After the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company recognised that it needed to be more efficient in revenue generation and wider business growth, moving from survival mode to thriving. “The company realised that we needed to have a greater focus on the products and channels which were more profitable and how to balance that with a better match in provision for clients,” explained Mark.


“We’ve now also set ourselves new bigger goals in terms of our company culture – how to grow, attract and retain staff, which is all part of current work to reposition our brand,” he continued. The company started working with Growth Works to help some of their current clients achieve their marketing ambitions on a referral basis, raising awareness of the grants available to the local business community.


Once clients’ digital marketing needs had been identified in conjunction with Brave, those client companies could apply for a grant from Growth Works to part-fund the required marketing support from Brave, providing them with a clear way forward in terms of their own business growth. “We help clients to determine which digital products would serve them best, with zero wastage, and a maximum return. The Growth Works grant provides them with assistance in the investment required to make it all possible, perhaps do things they wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity to do at a higher level and of course, this also helps us in terms of revenue generation and our own team growth strategy for the company,” stated Mark.


“The Growth Works grants have been a fantastic way to open doors with our current and new clients, as we not only provide them with a plan of activity to meet their business needs but also the means to achieve it,” he adds. “The grants are a fantastic tool to have in our arsenal to help win new business at the same time as providing a valuable service to our current clients.”


Mark went on to explain that the dual benefit of the grants would in turn help improve the customer journey for the customers of their clients and help Brave to increase their value proposition as a company working in the saturated market of digital marketing. “The impact of the grants is wide-reaching as it enables clients to embark on activity which may not have previously been possible. It can help them be more competitive, provide a better service and enable their business to grow more rapidly due to increased sales. They will also help us with our bottom line and growth as a company.”


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Written by Growth Works, Editorial team
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