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#BusinessLeaderTalks: Andrea De Luca
CEO of Flusso

Hear from Andrea and how his spin-out semiconductor company is getting ready for worldwide growth

A semiconductor company set on worldwide growth.

Andrea De Luca, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Flusso, has accomplished a massive breakthrough in the flow sensing market. The spin-out from University of Cambridge has hit the spotlight in 2021, having developed the world’s smallest flow sensor. But now what?

In this open discussion, Andrea will share how the company ramped up production, developed out its marketing strategy and built an international customer base. But business growth like this is never plain sailing.

Andrea will share the story you don’t often hear… the sleepless nights, the frustrations and the difficult decisions that had to be made that changed the path of Flusso altogether. And now as as they continue to grow, what new challenges are they facing? Let’s find out together.

Tuesday 15 November
12 - 1pm
1 hour
Free to attend

About the #BusinessLeaderTalks series

Our #BusinessLeaderTalks focuses on the turbulent journey that underpins most business growth stories. Led by business leaders who have struggled through the lows, and celebrated the impressive highs, these talks are a forum to share business insights, exchange experiences and benefit from new perspectives – dispelling any assumptions that growing a business is an easy feat.

What to expect

  • Introduction to Andrea De Luca, Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Flusso
  • Inside look at growth strategy and key challenges faced
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t
  • Live Q&A session

All attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts and comments in the live chat. All these will regularly be monitored and fed into open discussions throughout the session.

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