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Getting Started with CRM

Get the inside track on introducing a CRM system to your business and the benefits it can bring

If you have ever considered introducing a CRM to improve your sales and marketing performance, then this workshop could help you to consider the benefits, discover the actions required to implement it and how to make it work for your company.

Mike and Mandy from Peterborough-based CRM Insights will share their experiences of how SME’s in this region have improved their sales performance.

Mandy Allen 

Business Relationship Manager

Mandy holds responsibility for generating leads through both online and face-to-face networking. Working hand-in-hand with our marketer and the wider team, Mandy is very much the glue between our marketing and sales efforts. A true people-person, Mandy has an innate ability to engage in conversation with just about anyone. A key aspect of her approach being the ability to listen, and to know instantly who she can refer people to to get help – whether that’s internal or external to CRM Insights.

Mike Basketter

Director & Co-Founder

Mike’s career started in marketing, having progressed up to Managing Director in a number of different companies. His career experience has seen him work in companies from a single employee right through to more than 2,500.

At CRM Insights his responsibilities include heading up pre-sales and sales. Typically, this involves fact-finding conversations with prospects, demonstrating the capabilities of the products that CRM Insights supports, engaging with future clients, and agreeing the commercials.


Thursday 29 June
02:00PM - 03:00PM
Free to attend
You will be assessed for eligibility prior to attendance

Who is this webinar for?

You will be:

  • A business leader or strategic manager
  • An established business with 3-249 employees
  • A high growth business or have demonstrable potential for high growth
  • A balance sheet less than €43m (~£38m)
  • An annual turnover less then €50m (~£44m)


Businesses unable to meet this baseline criteria will not require this webinar, and therefore will be provided alternative options for business growth support.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Why you should consider a CRM
  • Where you are in your CRM journey
  • Why CRM projects fail
  • The 4 Step CRM Implementation Process
  • Resources to help

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