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Douce Delight

22 August 2023

Douce is very much a family concern - each member of the Benton family is involved in different aspects of this lifestyle brand. Founded by Phil Benton in 2015, when they started out in a 1960 Airstreams, offering high quality hair salon treatments in an innovative environment.  


Fitzbillies Fly with Funding

19 July 2023

Mention the name Fitzbillies to anyone living in Cambridge or who has studied at the University and you will be greeted with smiles of fond recognition and praise for their iconic ultra-sticky Chelsea Buns. The company has been in the city for over 100 years and now has a café, a coffee shop, a second branch and an artisan bakery. 

GaN lab

Cambridge GaN Devices are Bringing More Sustainable Power to the Global Market and Creating Jobs

19 June 2023

Cambridge GaN Devices was established, according to Founder and CEO, Dr Giorgia Longobardi, “To bring to market a material and a power device that is much more sustainable whilst preserving nature, which is one of the most valuable things we have. We want to bring this innovation into everyday lives for a more sustainable future.” Dr Giorgia Longobardi, Founder and CEO.

Funding for Flexilabels

19 June 2023

With a commercial background in computer sciences and a Masters degree in Website Design & Development, Assad Gilani worked for about 5 years, for a toner refurbishment and then an insurance company as web developer after he moved from Pakistan to the United Kingdom in 2006.


Cyber Security 101: Top Tips for Keeping Secure

8 June 2023

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it is vital that you are aware of the most common tactics cyber criminals are using, and at least have the baseline measures in place to help detect and prevent them. 

Dr Jana Voigt

Cambridge Tech Company Gets the Edge on AI

7 June 2023

It’s been a year since InferSens raised its initial investment round and first joined the Growth Works community. Bev Hurley, Strategic Lead for Growth Works caught up with Dr Jana Voigt, CEO of the Cambridge-based Edge AI sensor technology company, to find out what’s been happening since. 

Wire Bending But Straight Success

25 April 2023
5 Mins Read

Established in 1991, AWB initially supplied components to well-known companies of that era such as Kenwood, Morphy Richards , Labgear and Beldray. As one of five brothers, all businessmen, Silvio Perna has led the company through the decades, driving change in the industry to introduce machine technology to bend wire, ahead of his competitors.


No Quibbles for Quibble

25 April 2023
4 Mins Read

Having worked in the digital marketing agency world for many years, Anna Morrish knew that she wanted to start her own company. When the opportunity arose, she gave in her notice with her employer and used weekends, evenings and even lunch breaks during her notice period to set up Quibble Digital in 2016.

Pockit'in a grant

Pockit’in a Grant

25 April 2023
5 Mins Read

Pockit Diagnostics was founded in 2017 by a group of Cambridge students and young entrepreneurs focusing on innovation within the diagnostics field. They developed the first blood test to enable faster and more accurate stroke diagnosis to help improve treatment and potentially save lives.

What a Gouda Grant

10 March 2023
4 Mins Read

Thirty-five years ago, a young man called Mark Hulme borrowed some money from his father for a van to collect and deliver cheese to people in his local area. Move forward through the years, this nascent family enterprise has grown into Rennet & Rind, an award-winning cheesemonger and affineur sourcing and maturing outstanding artisan British cheese.

Grants Light up NET LED Lighting

10 March 2023
3 Mins Read

NET LED Lighting has a respected reputation as the supplier of commercial and industrial lighting across the UK which is well deserved. Founded in 2009 by Chris Dawes and Paul Bubb, the company has developed over the years but went through a significant pivot in their business strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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