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Phish Face

18 November 2022
2 Mins Read

We've all had those unsolicited emails promising us millions locked up in a foreign bank if only we could just give them our bank details. Or less charming ones offering us all kinds of other advantages, and texts telling us to pay extra postage to pick up an undelivered parcel.

Power of Peers

The Power of Peers

17 November 2022
4 Mins Read

Why do we rate the power of peers so highly? Lots of reasons! Firstly, having been through all the trials, thrills and spills of rapid growth ourselves, and of just building and sustaining a high growth business, we know exactly how lonely, stressful and challenging it can be.

angli-EAR courtesy of Cambridge Independent

angli-EAR Win at the SME Business Awards

8 November 2022

angli-EAR Hearing has been awarded 'Website of the Year' at this year's SME Business Awards! We were all ears to hear about their success and got in touch to catch up.

Rebecca Hill

From Thriving to Surviving

28 October 2022
3 Mins Read

From Surviving to Thriving - Five key insights into understanding and managing burnout for yourself and your team by Rebecca Hill of Wise Sherpa.

How Growth Works helped Asynt revamp its premises and website to drive growth

27 September 2022
4 Mins Read

Asynt provide specialist chemistry supplies and equipment to scientists across the UK and internationally, with a focus on creating products to make laboratories safer and greener. Find out how expert advice and funding helped upgrade their premises and a new fast user-friendly website.

How Growth Works is helping The Turmeric Co. 10x their production

12 September 2022
4 Mins Read

Local drinks manufacturer, The Turmeric Co, are entering an exciting phase of new product development and expansion. Find out how business grants, training and network-building via Growth Works has enabled them to produce more shots, faster, with far less manual labour and lower costs.

Meet Maxine Palmer, our Senior Growth Adviser

30 August 2022
4 Mins Read

Find out a little more about Maxine Palmer, Senior Growth Advisor at Growth Works. She reveals the secret to business success and the exciting projects she is working on right now. Plus we find out where she spent her well-deserved summer holiday.....

Local industrial coatings company thriving thanks to Growth Works support

16 August 2022
4 Mins Read

Like many businesses, HC Technical, hit a stagnant period during the pandemic. But with a fully funded three-step plan through Growth Works, the industrial coatings company are now smashing their growth targets with newfound confidence.

How Family Psychology Mutual scales their business for better UK care intervention

11 June 2022
4 Mins Read

Staff-owned social enterprise creates a sustainable way of reducing the number of young people who end up in care through better UK care intervention and scaling its growth. Without critical investment, they wouldn't have been able to promote their impact effectively.

How improved recruitment and sales are accelerating ProvisionPoint’s growth

31 May 2022
4 Mins Read

Software business, ProvisionPoint, turned to Growth Works for business advice and coaching. They received a range of help and resources, including 1:1 support, peer networking, seminars, and exploring different schemes for training and job creation.

Radical Sportscars: Filling skills gaps and meeting rapid growth demands

12 May 2022
4 Mins Read

In 2021, Radical Sportscars produced over double the number of sports cars from the year before. Through launching a new model and looking ahead, Radical were able to come back from a difficult trading year and exceed all expectations. But then came new challenges.

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