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November Newsletter

A warm welcome to our November GrowthWorks newsletter, where you’ll find news of our next high-growth community event, a grants update, upcoming learning sessions and Q1 schedule, a pithy piece on the latest phish, and a blog about a flatline with a pimple.

December Newsletter

December Newsletter

A big welcome to our December newsletter. In this edition, you’ll find more news of our next high-growth community event, a new service for the manufacturing and engineering sector, as well as blogs about burnout and football! Check our packed programme of Masterclasses for the New Year too.

January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Happy New Year – we hope the next 12 months will be successful for all our clients and that all growth objectives will be achieved!

In this newsletter edition, you’ll find links to our packed workshop programme. We have blogs about protecting your IP and taking the next steps on your digital journey, and if you need help from external consultants for either of these critical processes, then apply for a Growth Works revenue grant that could cover half the costs.

February Newsletter

As we enter February, how are your growth plans shaping up?

We’ve got an update on exciting changes to our grants programme. Could you benefit from any of the Growth Works Masterclasses? From developing your Value Propositions to understanding How to Protect your IP, and Building your Supply Chain Resilience. Also, don’t forget that you have free access to Grow Smart, the interactive portal packed with resources to help businesses grow.

March Newsletter

March Newsletter

In this newsletter, we provide a review of some of the fabulous events our team attended during the last few weeks and where you may have met them. There are more Masterclasses being added to our programme all the time – do you need some training to help you with building the resilience of your supply chain? If you do – there is a masterclass for you! We have an update on our grants programme – it is not going to run forever and once the grant pot is gone – it’s gone – so if you have not taken out an application yet – you need to take action now. Why not benefit from grants like hundreds of other local businesses across our region?


Finally, for those of you who could not make our Inspire and Network event and missed out on hearing our inspirational speakers, we have included case studies from each of their businesses so you can read how they have all benefited from being Growth Works’ clients.

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

The deadline for applying for a Growth Works ERDF grant is only weeks away (17th May) but there is plenty of time to get the financial boost your business needs to grow.

We are running two events in Peterborough and in Fenland where you can come and meet the Growth Works team to find out how to apply, hear from clients who have been able to grow their business with a grant and also find out about the other free support you can receive. This includes masterclasses, coaching, talent development and how to take on apprentices. Our last event in Huntingdon was attended by over 120 local businesses, who have joined Growth Works and are using the free support to grow their enterprises.

June Newsletter

As the sun continues to shine, we have our latest update to share with you including news about the latest grant funding opportunity, a blog about the risks of cyber-attacks on your business and our upcoming Masterclasses. We also have a fantastic client success story written by Bev Hurley, Growth Coaching Strategic Lead when she spoke to InferSens about their pioneering new Edge AI Sensor Technology.

July Newsletter

Our LGF Grants are still available for businesses within the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority area. These grants will only be available until the grant pot has been used up. So act now to ensure you do not miss out!

These grants are also available to businesses in the retail, leisure and tourism & hospitality sectors (previously ineligible for ERDF Grants) and so this is a great opportunity for you to get financial help to grow your business if you work in these areas.

We provide up to 50% match funding up to a total of £20k of Growth Works contribution, our revenue grants cover all types of revenue expenditure. Up to 30% of the total Revenue Grant can also be used to purchase capital equipment.

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