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Caroline Cleary

Caroline is an excellent communicator with significant cross industry and B2B expertise in strategic growth and sales and marketing development including lifecycle management across multiple market sectors, and over 20 years of performance in business services, manufacturing, media and technology industries.

Successful in creating, implementing, and refining long-term strategies to increase efficiency, cost effectiveness and profitability, Caroline has a proven ability to build and scale businesses ranging from technology start-ups to well-established consumer brands, structuring them for sustainable growth, efficient product development and new business venture pursuits.

Holding a fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a portfolio of achievements which includes increasing revenue, driving profit improvements and cultivating brand awareness, Caroline operates with a pragmatic and entrepreneurial style to distil complex business problems into tangible revenue, efficiency and margin driven sales growth with a relentless commitment to quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

This includes advising on projects like:

  • Budgeting & Cost Reduction
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Client & Supplier Relationship
  • Demand Generation/Funnel
  • Strategic Change Initiatives
  • Tactical Marketing Campaigns
  • Market Penetration & Segmentation
  • Revenue Growth & Optimisation
  • Re-Branding & Re-Positioning
  • Market Share Acquisition

Professional roles

  • Marketing Director, Duncan & Toplis
  • Founder & Consultant, DeVarde Ltd
  • Head of Database Marketing, ERIKS UK
  • Head of Marketing, Software Europe
  • Marketing Executive, dmg World Media

Key qualifications

Fellowship in Chartered Institute of Marketing for marketing leadership for 10-15 years


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