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Gareth Preece

Strategic Lead,
Growth Works with Skills

Gareth Preece

Gareth has been providing specialist support on ‘skills’ and ‘access to talent’ to foreign-owned companies in the UK for most of the past decade. Working as the Skills Specialist at the Department for International Trade (formerly UK Trade & Investment), Gareth worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, providing insight, advice and solutions for issues related to training, recruitment and employment regulation.

Gareth Preece Consulting builds on this expertise and helps organisations develop effective people strategies by diagnosing the true cause of issues related to accessing, training and retaining talent, and to work with them to find and implement solutions.

Getting under the skin of the initial assumptions that ‘the competition is stealing all the talent’, or that ‘graduates don’t want to work’ or that ‘apprentices are just for young people’ means that we can diagnose the true issues at the heart of the business, rather than simply fixing the symptoms.

Specialisms include:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Maximising the use of your Apprenticeship Levy
  • Alternatives to recruitment companies
  • Accessing key talent – such as engineers, scientists and technicians
  • Transforming the HR team
  • Performance issues

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