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coaching and advice

Let us be part of your trusted team that supports you as you navigate the success of your business.

How can growth coaching support you?

Growing a successful business is all about navigating uncertainty. Let’s ensure you continue to have clarity and confidence in your next steps as you grow your business.

On demand access to 1-to-1 strategic advice
Constructively challenging and non-judgemental
Impartial and highly bespoke support
Critical business reflection and greater clarity
Relieve pressure of resolving challenges on your own
Clarity on next step actions for business growth
1-to-1 growth support

Work with a dedicated Growth Adviser

We’ll work with you to get ‘under the hood’ of your business and identify areas for strategic focus.

Working together, we’ll explore the opportunities ahead and help you prepare for any challenges that may emerge as you continue to scale – bridging the gap between you and the skills, support and expertise you need to scale rapidly and stay ahead of the game.

Your 1-to-1 support is fully flexible and responsive to your needs, objectives and timeline.

expert knowledgebase

Access our network of expertise

We work with an expanding network of coaches and consultants that we can introduce you to as part of your search for specialist support and long-term development.

We’ll also work with you to identify how our revenue grant funding can support you to access their services that will unlock faster growth in your business.

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Case Study

How improved recruitment and sales strategies are accelerating ProvisionPoint’s growth

ProvisionPoint accelerates growth with support of Growth Works
The support and guidance from Growth Works is invaluable. My adviser has been a gift and offers insight and perspective that has helped me shape the business.
Jack van Praag
Jack's Gelato
I thought I knew a lot about pitching for equity because I’ve been doing it for 10 years but there's a lot that I need to polish. I found the support massively helpful.
Diana Hill
Essential Parent

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Baseline criteria

  • 3-249 employees
  • Located in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
  • Growth ambitious or fast-growing business

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