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Pitch for Equity from Growth Works

Raise capital through the sale of new shares and unlock faster growth – it could pay dividends.

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Due diligence procedures are required when applying for equity funding. Your Growth Works Adviser will be able to support you with this preparation.

Our baseline criteria regarding eligibility is outlined here.

  • Are you a high growth business with a presence, or planning a presence within the CPCA region?
  • Are you raising equity funding now or within the next 9 months?
  • Do you have a qualified Lead Investor that matches the investment you are seeking from Growth Works?
  • Are you committed to creating 6 or more jobs by Q4 2023/Q1 2024?
  • Do you have a compelling commercial proposition?

Let’s talk equity finance.

Equity finance involves selling a stake of your business in return for cash investment. Unlike loans, equity finance doesn’t require a repayment obligation.

Instead, investors buy shares in your company and make money through dividends (a share from the profits) or by selling those shares.

Growth Works offers equity finance options for eligible clients as an additional source of finance.

Equity Finance
Equity Finance
Equity Finance Team
How did you find the application process for the equity funding?
The application process was fair, very thorough, well organised and professional.
How effective were the lines of communication between you and the team?
Our lines of communications with the Growth Works team I have always regarded as being very prompt and helpful.
Would you recommend the Growth Works Equity Funding programme to other companies like yours, who are seeking funding?
Being a business that is moving into early commercial stage the size of the investment has been a perfect fit for our needs.
What will the funds be helping your company to achieve?
The funds give us confidence to invest in new people who have key new skills (in our case sales and marketing), that hitherto we felt we could not afford.

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