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Prepare and pitch for equity finance

Raise capital through the sale of new shares and unlock faster growth – it could pay dividends.

Let’s talk equity finance.

Equity finance involves selling a stake of your business in return for cash investment. Unlike loans, equity finance doesn’t require a repayment obligation.

Instead, investors buy shares in your company and make money through dividends (a share from the profits) or by selling those shares.

Growth Works offers equity finance options for eligible clients as an additional source of finance.

Presenting to pitch for investment

Are you eligible?

Due diligence procedures are required when applying for equity funding. Your Growth Works Adviser will be able to support you with this preparation.

Our baseline criteria regarding eligibility is outlined here.

  • Meet our minimum eligibility of company size, location and growth ambition
  • Growth will create new jobs in the region within 2 years
  • Proven business model in the UK and/or international market
  • Secured a core investor for twice the value you are pitching for
  • No conflict of interest with CPCA
Network of experts at Growth Works
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Access our network of expertise

Your Growth Works Adviser may identify the need to connect you with 1-to-1 specialist expertise that can support your preparation – including legal or financial advice.

We’ll also work with you to identify how our revenue grant funding can support you to access their services that will unlock faster growth in your business.

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Baseline criteria

  • 3-249 employees
  • Located in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
  • Growth ambitious or fast-growing business

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