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Grant funding
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We'll go fifty-fifty on investing in expertise or capital assets you need to accelerate your growth.

Let’s go halfers.

Not having the cash flow you need to access specialist expertise or purchase capital that will undeniably help you scale, is frustrating, demotivating and downright crippling to your business growth.

As part of our comprehensive strategic growth support available to you, let’s explore the areas of focus for your business and how this may fit with our 50% match funding grants.

By meeting you in the middle, we hope to help you navigate your success, accelerate your growth and create new jobs in the region as you expand.

What types of grant funding are available?

A simple, straightforward application process

We aim for the application is to be as straightforward as possible. You will be supported by your dedicated Growth Adviser as you complete you grant application, if you should have any questions along the way.

Your grant will be paid in arrears based on completion of the project, therefore all expenditures need to be fully funded in the short term.

Are you eligible?

The best way to check is to register your interest in the Growth Works programme and our Growth Advisers can follow up with you to confirm.

Our baseline criteria regarding eligibility is outlined here:

  • 3-249 employees
  • Based in the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough region
  • Balance sheet less than €43m (approx. £38m)
  • Annual turnover less than €50m (approx. £44m)

Speak to a Growth Adviser

Your Growth Works Adviser will work with you to identify effective opportunities or explore your plans to unlock faster growth through grant funding investment. We’ll also guide you through the grant funding process so you feel confident and assured about next steps.

You can also benefit from any of our other growth support services, and can advise you on which may be beneficial based on your objectives and priorities.

Get started

Let us help you identify opportunities for grant funding to accelerate your business growth.

First step? Register your interest with Growth Works. We’ll shortly confirm how our fully funded service can help you achieve your goals.

Baseline criteria

  • 3-249 employees
  • Located in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
  • Growth ambitious or fast-growing business

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